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General Infos about the NVC Global Festival

What is NVC? 

Nonviolent communication (NVC) is an approach and a way of living that aims to bring any human being closer to himself and to others around him/her. Through offering a set of tools for listening to our deepest needs and feelings, NVC gives us an opportunity to have effective communication with people around us, and helps us solve conflicts and fights in a compassionate and connecting way. In addition, NVC can be used for designing life-supporting communities and systems, in government, business, schools, and more. Above all, it serves as a compass for creating a life that aligns with our deepest values, moment to moment. NVC was founded and developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, an American psychologist, and has been widely spread all over the world.



Where is the festival located?

The Global NVC Festival is located online, accessible from your wifi connection anywhere worldwide.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of this to participate while moving, sitting or reclining, fully comfortable and physically nourished, not forgetting that you have a body!

You will receive a Login password after purchasing your ticket and when the festival starts you can use it to enter the platform! You will get all needed information to your email.



What language will the sessions be in?

The main language of the festival is English. Translation will be available depending on the size of registration. Arnina Kashatan will also be offering sessions in Spanish.  We might add sessions in other languages and translation upon request and participants' needs. 


I dont know anything about NVC, can I still join?  Can I join the festival if I have no prior NVC experience?

Of course! One of the festival's goals is to introduce NVC to new people. There are planned introduction sessions especially for this in our schedule. 

Are there workshops for experienced students/practitioners?

Yes, the various trainers will offer both intro and advanced sessions. In addition also "Train the trainer" sessions will be available.


Technical requirements

How will I access the festival? 

A week before the festival and after registering, you will get an email to your email box, with a username and password, that will enable you to enter the festival once it has started. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER / PROMOTION FOLDER if you can't see it. Please contact us if you didn't receive it yet.

Can I use my smartphone to participate in the festival?

Yes, AND, we can't promise it's going to be fun. Make sure your internet connection is good enough to work with live video conferencing. We highly recommend to use a device with a bigger screen if you have at hand, such as a tablet or a computer. If you have questions here please write us. Your festival experience is very important for us.

Do I need a Facebook account to access festival content?


Will the recorded materials be available online after the training?

All recorded materials will be available for 14 days after the session ends. Some materials will be available for life, depending on the teachers specific needs and requests.

Courses / Curriculum / Formats

What is an empathy pod? What is it for?

Empathy pods are groups of five participants who meet daily through the festival for 1.5 hours at a time to integrate and connect around the process they are having through the festival. The purpose is to support each other, to witness and practice a living NVC, empathic mini-community.

Our goal is to place you with people from your own time zones.



Can I request who to be with in my Empathy pod?

Yes! If you form a group of up to five people we will do our best to put you together.

When you fill out the festival registration form, one week before starting, there will be a slot to name people you wish to have in your group.



What if I don't know anyone before the festival begins? How will I find my pod?

We arrange you in groups according to variables such as your level of practice, language, and time zones preferences. Depending on how long in advance you sign up you may get the email with your group before the festival begins so you can start to connect ahead of time. 



How do you recommend we use our time at the empathy pod sessions?

In general we recommend you divide the time equally between participants so that each will share and be held in empathic listening by the rest of the group, creating a circle of support, witnessing and connection. 

For much more guidance on how to navigate the time in the empathy pods you can see this Link on our festival page.  



What is the community mourning and celebration space?

This is a space for harvesting the experiences of the community in the past 12 or 24 hours.

To share your pain and joy, be heard and witnessed, celebrated and supported, in the hearts of the entire community.

In celebration and mourning we practice sharing from the heart, sharing feelings and needs met and unmet rather than blaming and judging the experience.



What is the Non-Talent Open Stage show?

The “non talent” open stage daily show is inviting festival participants to share their “non talent” or talent with the wider festival community. 

Participants are invited to read poems, to sing songs, to perform, or to share any creative expression that is meaningful for them to share. Participants will have to register in advance if they wish to perform/share and each sharing is requested to last no more than 4 minutes.  



What is the empathic 24/7 space?

The empathic 24/7 space is an online platform for participants to give and receive empathy, when they need it, and when they have the space and capacity to give it. 

This online space is planned to be active for 24 hours and available for participants from all time zones around the globe. 


Finances / Payment / Volunteer

Do you need volunteers?

To see how you can support us, send us email to


Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. You are welcome to apply here for a discounted/voucher ticket, in case your local economy is not compatible with our pricing range, your personal situation does not enable you to pay the ticket price, or if, in your country, it is not possible for you to hold a credit card or to own any online payment account.



As we ourselves believe that a core role of NVC is to create change on the systemic level and to promote needs-based policies that will bring prosperity, equity and recognition to all humans around the globe, we also acknowledge that presenting fixed price tickets can be antithetical to that goal. These prices may be affordable only for the privileged people amongst us, the people that are favored by the power structures in our world. We recognize that for many people within a large number of wide, active, and resilient NVC communities around the world, the festival’s ticket prices are out of reach and not in line with their local economic situation. Our dream is to develop a new financial culture of pricing, of giving and receiving, that is more resonant with the core teachings of NVC and social change that are now rising in our global community. 

We are not yet in the place of reaching these NEW resolutions and strategies.

As we believe creating this first online festival is one step in creating the strategy, we are choosing to use strategies that are familiar to us as of now. 



For more questions contact us