Supporting your Local NVC Initiatives


Never Underestimate the Power of Local NVC Initiatives

Our lives here at Global NVC Online have been completely transformed by a local NVC Initiative in the Middle East. And here we are, 10 years later, living to tell the story and share forward our support for your projects.


Following the First Global NVC Online Festival that took place May 29th to June 1st, we invited you, our community of participants, to write to us with your own NVC Initiatives, as we had allocated funds in order to give back to the Global NVC Community (5% of the Festival’s income, another 5% was donated to the mothership, CNVC). 

We had 21 initiatives who applied for support. 

It was not easy to select among these high quality, beautiful offerings.  

There are many projects we truly wish we could support.

  • If you applied and did not receive support, please don’t hesitate to reapply in October.

  • We hope to create a space in our website where all initiatives will be showcased. If you agree, we can provide your contact information there so people who wish to support you can reach out to you.


Transparency of the criteria we considered in the process of choosing : 

1) Clarity of how money will be used

2) Clarity of the goals that will hopefully be achieved.

3) Diversity of Communities impacted by the projects.

4) Breadth of needs we understood were being uniquely answered by the project.

In the 2ND NVC Global Rising Festival we wish to donate 10% of the profit to support your local NVC Projects. It is our hope that for the next round of contribution distribution, the decision making process will be made by a committee of volunteers, made up of 1 festival participant, 1 trainer, and 1 person from the wider NVC Community.

This is in order to create a power with dynamic in relation to the distribution of funds.

We are open for feedback on this structure we are suggesting as well.

Let’s keep sharing until a world where all needs matter is a concept known in every home.

Selected Projects to receive grants from 1st global NVC festival

Solar do Sentir Educação e Vida
Say NO to xenophobia in Africa
Parenting Children with Special Needs
Daraja La Amani Project
Project Asha
Supporting Teachers in Rural China
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