Festival workshops

Note - we have more coming! These are roughly 90% of the workshops

Azzam Talhami

Trauma-informed NVC

Trauma-informed NVC can deepen our understanding of the ways that we can create more inclusive NVC spaces for historically traumatized communities and people. We will learn ways that power and privilege differentials change the way we relate to NVC language. The session aims to broaden our lens and take into consideration unseen influence and impact. This is an invitation to curiosity and humility.

Douglas Dolstad

Worst Nightmare, Greatest Dream: Moving away or toward?

I've become convinced that our brains default to interpreting novelty as "probably harmful".
That's a strength, yes, but.... gee. So limiting!
NVC suggested to me that we are always moving toward Life.
The shift from looking in the rear view mirror to looking through the windshield has been profound for me.
Come explore what you DON'T like, Don't want, Don't have and see what's on the other side....

Kathleen Macferran

Systemic Evolution: The Intersection between Individual Choices and Systemic Transformation

Explore how individual choices can shape and change the ways that our communities function. Unpack systemic influences on individual choices and options. We are in this together, which means we need our hearts and minds to be innovating and collaborating in sync. How do we make our systems work for all? What are our next steps toward a world that is equitable, sustainable and peaceful?

Kathleen Macferran and Jared Finkelstein

Choice: How the Key Differentiations of NVC expand our consciousness, transform our lives and help make us more interdependent.

CNVC Certified Trainers Jared Finkelstein and Kathleen Macferran will guide participants through an interactive workshop to explore some of the key differentiations of NVC. As a reflective practice, these differentiations help people cultivate more flexible thinking, empower authentic and caring relationships, and learn to use their power in ways that invite equity.

As co-authors of Choice, here’s what we have to say, “… We know that authentic choice is a profoundly subjective and personal experience. Still, it’s our assertion that human problems and solutions - personal, interpersonal, and societal - all have their roots in the actions that individuals take. And these actions all rise from one’s individual experience of choice. How do we better exercise our ability to make conscious choices? How do we learn to see what is invisible? To know what we don’t know? To be aware when we are not aware?”

Roxy Manning

Exploring the Deep - Diving into the layers of our impact

How do you respond when someone tells you that something you did was incredibly painful for them to experience? And, what if you took this action that was so painful for them for a beautiful reason - out of care, to support, for their benefit? What if you were accused of one of the isms - being sexist, classist, racist or more? How would you respond then? Let's explore a simple model to help you know where to put your attention in those moments, and how to respond in a way that lays the foundation for healing. By understanding the relationship between intention and impact, and between the different levels at which harm occurs, we can respond powerfully, in a way that creates bridges and restores connection.

Tarek Massaarani

Stepping lightly on this Earth: aligning your social-environmental footprint with your soul

Consumer habits, home ownership, career choice, having children, travel, financial investment, and leisure are some of the many ways each of us contributes to systemic social and environmental issues. This session aims to provide each participant with a simple guided process, a judgment-free space, and NVC tools for exploring how to align their lifestyle with their values in a way that is personalized to their individual circumstances. The session is based on the notion that greater connection to our needs opens us up to greater creativity and freedom to act in new and life-serving ways - as opposed to shaming or obliging ourselves to action. Each participant can anticipate taking away insights about themselves and concrete strategies that will help them make change in their life.

Leonie Smith

Tapping Into Synergy in Diverse Teams.

What if you could tap into the flow and effectiveness of synergy—coming together as a team with a shared purpose that leverages diversity? Learn an approach to stepping towards togetherness when working with diverse teams. We will start with getting clear as to the purpose of our collective work, identify perspectives that are missing from our consideration, and then learn how to extend invitations to collaborate with care that meets the needs of people from diverse backgrounds. Integral to this work is understanding how principles of nonviolence support holding care for diverse groups and how NVC can help us to craft communications that foster deeper connection and clarity.

Sabine Geiger

Topic: Community

Connecting to Community in Challenging Times

What does Community mean in your life? As human beings, we are not meant to live
solitary lives. We thrive in relationship; we are all part of something larger.
Community can be any group of people around you; your family, your friends or an
intentional community. We will explore ways of connecting to our communities -
individually and collectively - and invite your vision of a world that cherishes
contributing to each other.

Robert Maoz Kržišnik

From Thinking, to Sensing, to Knowing

While life flows through us fully and wholesomely in every moment, it seems that we have only learned how to capture and compartmentalize it with our minds. This becomes quite problematic when we start using Nonviolent Communication, as we notice that we are only able to think about feelings and needs, but to not really feel them, experience them. This way NVC tends to remain on the cognitive level only and consequentially fails to bring about shifts and deeper connection. In this session we will be practically exploring how to really feel our feelings, sense our needs and get such a clear experience of life flowing through us in a moment that we can share that directly, leaving our analytical mind to rest for a bit.

Robert Gonzales

Topic: Other

Cultivating Inner Strength when External Events are Challenging.

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce a way to cultivating a transformative awareness that is expressed as not, “How can I make things better?" but, "How can I behold life and see it clearly, compassionately, through the heart and allow my heart to be moved by life, with others, in the company of people with shared values and shared vision?" From that place, I believe I/individually and we/collectively can move forward in these challenging times and days.
We will focus on how can we address feelings of helplessness and powerlessness with what you are seeing in the world?
How can we feel centered and clear with how we respond to what’s going on in your life or the current social and political climate?

How can we engage in the world in a way that’s empowering, not motivated by fear, anger, or judgement? A primary concept is that "life is relationship" and we live in a field of relationships. When we are in relationship, we are experiencing our inner world in relation to the outer world. When we are overly focused on the outer world, trying to manage and control and strategize, we are not accessing the full potential of where we can come from unless we are centered in “What is alive in me, where am I centered in my consciousness and being, from which I live and listen and receive and give out in relationship to life?”

Kanya Likanasudh

Topic: Feedback

How to receive feedback well, even when it is unhelpful, not true, and you don’t want to hear it

Come and share the worst of the worst feedback you’ve ever received. Let’s have fun learning and practicing how to:
- Recover from the blows of painful and useless feedback.
- Find the priceless gift hidden within.
- Respond gracefully to feedback.

We can't control how feedback is given to us, but we can change how we receive it!

Shari Elle

Speaking from Our "Undefended Heart" - The Power of Authentic and Vulnerable Honesty

Many people in NVC become great at Empathic Listening. Let’s face it, to Empathically hear someone is way less likely to rock the boat in an argument. It seems safe. And likely to support connection and ease between you.
Or so it seems….
But when Marshall developed NVC, he developed 2 powerful legs - both meant to be used equally. One of them Empathy and the other, HONESTY.
Not using Honesty comes at a huge cost.
Firstly, we don’t really show up in our relationships. They become one-sided and our needs become less and less important. Our spirit slowly dies. Our own confidence and dignity suffer.
But secondly, Life Needs You in your full expression. You are not an accident. You are here to fully exist. When we just lean into the leg of Empathy, ALL OF LIFE MISSES YOU. No one gets to grow and learn. And you miss the chance to see yourself and meet your edges and grow. We stay in the stunted stage of dependence and independence and can never fully mature in ourselves or society into inter-dependence.
There is a way to share your heart fiercely and honestly and compassionately which I call Sharing from an Undefended Heart. It supports us to share from our Direct and Undefended Experience of Life and what we care about.
This session will build our second leg so we are no longer afraid to express ourselves. We can stop "Limping" in our relationships and Life, and instead bring our full self authentically to the Banquet.

Makiko Imai

Sacred Empathy Circle for Humanity and Life on the Earth - For Grounded Leadership

“We are capable of suffering with our world, and that is the true meaning of compassion. It enables us to recognize our profound interconnectedness with all beings” - Joanna Macy-
As we expand our compassion, we nourish our eyes to appreciate beauty in us - nature, humanity, and life on the earth.
As we recognize our interconnectedness, we open our heart, acknowledge our shared pain and anger, despair, and so much longing for hope.
In this Sacred Empathy Circle, participants will co-create sacred space to embrace our vulnerability and courage to emerge; since that is the key to authentic, grounded leadership.
That is what we want to cultivate to live in this era of great turning.

Since we would like to respect each individual's sacred experience, this session will be held with small number of people (up to 10) and will not be recorded.

Peggy Smith

Time Travel Empathy

We will explore how Resonant Language enhances the NVC use of Empathy. We will use these super skills to help settle our nervous systems to increase calm, resilience, and compassion (for ourselves & others). Taking our empathy skills to our past selves can provide warmth and healing to ourselves in past moments. Taking our empathy skills to our anxieties about the future can help us move into life with love and strength.
This is a session for people who have background in NVC’s making feelings and needs guesses. This session is based on the work of Sarah Peyton (cnvc trainer & neuroscience educator, author of Your Resonant Self).

Robert Maoz Kržišnik

But it is Not me Who is Violent!

Probably each of us at least once had this thought in our heads: “Why do I need to learn Nonviolent Communication when I am already so nonviolent, compared to this other person. And now it is again me who need to adapt, change…” In this session we will make a quick overview of Nonviolent Communication as a practice as well as awareness, focusing mainly on the question of why? Or, in other words, what is it that Nonviolent Communication explores and promises?

Leonie Smith

Facilitating Under Fire: Managing Challenging Moments with Care

Facilitating Under Fire - for anyone who facilitates meetings, group decision-making processes or in any other way convenes people in workplaces, community groups, and activists circles. We will explore how to work with challenging moments in group facilitation using principles of nonviolence and NVC. Whether you want to manage group tensions and reactivity, or find ways of including the voices of people who are outliers, you will gain practical skills to support better team cohesion.

Barbara Larson

Topic: Pain, Transformation

Transforming Old Pain

Have you wondered what would it be like to be free of the constrictive influences of past pain as you move through your day, your life? The internal dialogue goes something like: What's wrong with me? Why am I so reactive? What's holding me back? What’s mine to give to the world? No one escapes the wounds that live beneath our surface. To be human means to experience shame, loss, disappointment, betrayal, abandonment. The scars show up on both physical and emotional levels, affecting our health and vitality, our relationships, work, peace of mind, our ability to feel relaxed in our own skin and to contribute to Life with our full potential. Join me to experience how these effects of past pain can be transformed into what Marshall describes as a sweet pain, grounded in mourning and forgiveness, clearing the way for freedom, wonder and new possibilities. I'll be asking for a volunteer who wants to work with a past pain, who I will work with one on one, while others present will act as compassionate witnesses, helping to hold the space, and sharing their own experiences at the end.

Reena Ginwala

Mystic poetry of Kabir and the Living energy of Needs

Our current times have brought up challenges all at once. We can no longer be cozy in our comfort zone, nor can we find a false sense of security in the habitual ways.
The triggers in terms of thoughts, feelings and body sensations come up frequently, leaving us shaking and uneasy. Nonviolent Communication and the traditional wisdom; in this case, the Mystic poetry of Kabir, a Sufi saint from 15th century central India help us weave a tapestry of new action as an emergent reality.
During the session; we will explore couplets of Kabir's wisdom with Warli folk art. We will reflect in terms of OFNR - Observations, Feelings, Needs and Requests. We will also explore the 'Should's' and the needs motivating them. The activities will lead us to connect with the living energy of Needs. I look forward to our exploratory journey together!!

Kirsten Kristenen

Empathy, Presence and the Body

Limited to 300 participants. Listening with empathy to someone’s pain is one thing when we have a close and relaxed connection with the person.
It is a different thing when we are called to listen with empathy and to hear messages from people we disagree with.

I have found on my own path with NVC that there is always room for improvement, and the biggest source for growing my capacity for listening with empathy has been my body. Sensing the energy in my body, being aware of my breathing, expanding myself and grounding myself so that I can fully visit the other persons reality and experience.

In this class I will offer a few exercises that prepare us for showing up open-hearted with giraffe ears. We will practice in pairs, and share experiences with the whole group.

Shari Elle

Stepping Beyond the Fear of Leadership

Leadership is for Everyone. We each carry an ember of the future which is coming. Are you ready to boldly offer your gift by stepping even more fully into the next level of your Leadership?
Do you "trust yourself" with the "Power" that's in Leadership?
Do you feel uncomfortable about being "more" than anyone else?
Do you doubt that anyone would want to follow you anyway - What do you have to offer?
Are you afraid people won't listen to you - so how can you possibly be a “leader"?
To shine your light in the world brightly (for that is why you are here!), and allow others to be enriched by your gifts, it's important to become aware of and move through whatever fears we may have. We must step into our Leadership.
So now more than ever, it is important that you, YES YOU, no matter who you are, no matter what field you are in, no matter how small you think you are, no matter how young or old, no matter how quiet or loud your voice, no matter how successful or not you have been until now, no matter if you know your direction or not, it's time to step even more boldly into self love and THE AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP WHICH CAN ONLY BE THROUGH YOU.

In this one hour online live workshop we will explore "Leadership", what is holding you back, and how you can embrace Leadership in your life! My prayer is that this workshop will support many to benefit from who you are.

Liu Yi

Reclaiming strength and choice from being power-under to power-with

In a conversation and relationship, power dynamics and how we relate to power (our stories about & previous experience with power) could affect the connection in both a strong and subtle way.
We need to first develop a way of looking at our experience with the lens of power. Then in order for us to reclaim our sense of strength and choicefulness in a power-under situation, we will work on cultivating empathy toward our experience and transforming some of our fear around power. The goal is to hold ourselves with care as well as being able to connect the humanity of the other person and eventually to be empowered to live a power-with relationship.

Liv Larson

Topic: NVC Leadership

Walk your talk - need based leadership in sharing NVC

This session is based on 3 assumptions on how to, as leaders, use our power to serve, not to dominate.
- The leader(ship) is a servant to the group
- The leadership is there to help the group reach their goals and in a way that is human, and life-serving.
- The leadership style will need to adjust and change, depending on the groups maturation (changing between being directive, mediating coaching, letting go, etc)

Yoram Mosenzon

Topic: Empathy

Deepening and Refining Empathic skills

Street Giraffe Empathy: How to connect with ALL human beings (and not only with NVC people.) How to make the language of Empathy fluid rather than mechanical. How to put the body experience and the actual experience of falling in love in the center of our intention while connecting Empathically. What is the difference between ‘to understand the needs of the other’ and ‘seeing the needs of the other as beautiful’?

Sabine Geiger

Topic: Restorative Circles

Restorative Circles – from Conflict to Cooperation

Can you imagine conflict being a way to better understand each other?! That is how
we hold conflict in the realm of RC. So, let's create a space together in which
everybody can speak and everybody can be heard. We will touch the basic principles
of RC and invite you to explore a world in which conflict matters - and is appreciated.
Cherished, even.

Makiko Imai

Sacred Empathy Circle for Humanity and Life on the Earth - For Grounded Leadership (LIMITED TO 20 participants)

“We are capable of suffering with our world, and that is the true meaning of compassion. It enables us to recognize our profound interconnectedness with all beings” - Joanna Macy-
As we expand our compassion, we nourish our eyes to appreciate beauty in us - nature, humanity, and life on the earth.
As we recognize our interconnectedness, we open our heart, acknowledge our shared pain and anger, despair, and so much longing for hope.
In this Sacred Empathy Circle, participants will co-create sacred space to embrace our vulnerability and courage to emerge; since that is the key to authentic, grounded leadership.
That is what we want to cultivate to live in this era of great turning.

Since we would like to respect each individual's sacred experience, this session will be held with small number of people (up to 10) and will not be recorded.

Douglas Dolstad

NVC and Money: Mutual Satisfaction

This session will explore how what is essential about NVC relates to the asking for, giving and receiving of money.

Jared Finkelstein

Topic: Compassion and fear

Compassion for Fear

In the practice of Nonviolent Communication fear is considered a feeling, and, like all feelings, is connected to our experience of being alive and therefore welcome, useful, and important to help us recognize our needs. And yet, many of us struggle powerfully with our fears, and worse, judge ourselves terribly for even having them. These are frightening times we are in, a global pandemic and, for many, economic uncertainty. If ever there was a moment to acknowledge our fears, and cultivate compassion for the experience of having them, now would be a good time. This session will invite participants to apply the practice of Nonviolent Communication to notice the thoughts at the root of our fears and to cultivate compassion for the needs being expressed.

Kathleen Macferran

Embracing Our Present Lives and Opening to the Potential of What We Can Become

This session will be an opportunity to experience three choices we always have in any moment (self-connection, honest revealing, and empathic listening) to support us in embracing how we are in the present time. We don’t need to go through this moment alone. We can speak to our present reality and have what we care about now guide us into the next chapter of our lives. What is possible?

Robert Maoz Kržišnik

NVC in Organisations

Can NVC be of help also in the world of organizations, perhaps even the most hardcore business-oriented corporations? If so, how to bring it in? Based on decades of Robert’s experiences of working with organizations, we will be exploring certain elements that seem to be crucial in the process of transformation and paradigm shift.

Sarah Peyton

The Deep Needs in Self-Sabotage

Do you do things that you don't understand? Are you often late? Do you try to fix people, even though you tell yourself not to? Is it difficult to start or to finish things? Are you cruel to yourself even when you don't want to be? Do you continue to do things that get you into trouble? All of us have patterns of behavior that are confusing or don't make sense, and you may even have spent some time wondering, what are my deep needs here? Why am I repeating this behavior? How could NVC help me with this? Join Sarah Peyton for this session to explore the discoveries that come from thinking about needs from a relational point of view, and experiencing her Unconscious Contract process.

Roxy Manning

Got Privilege? Using privilege for the greater good.

We all have privilege. Some of us have a lot; some of us may not even recognize it in our lives. But what most of us have in common is the sense of shame that arises when someone calls the privilege we have to our attention. Let's explore together how to listen when someone raises the question of privilege and more importantly, how we can use our awareness of our privilege to empower those who have less than we do.

Tadesse Hussien and Kathleen Macferran

NVC in schools in Uganada

Tadesse and Kathleen will share about the teachings of NVC in schools in Uganda. Tadesse Hussein, from Kampala, Uganda, is an educator, working for the past 20 years in pre-primary, primary and high school. He is a certified NVC trainer, focusing on sharing NVC in schools, with kids, teachers and parents. Tadesse is part of the "One School at a Time" organisation, that is passionate about creating programs to empower older girls to stay in school, aiming to break the cycle of poverty for both their families and communities. He will share his own journey with NVC, his work on integrating it in schools, and his dreams for schools in Uganda.

Yoram Mosenzon

Intimate Relationships

We are passing through incredibly challenging times. As a friend of mine said to me the other day: “During these uncertain times, the only thing that is certain is the connections we have. The only thing that is left to rely on is the human beings around us”.
Communication with our close ones (and with ourselves) will most likely be a central key in how to navigate through these new life landscapes we are facing.

Many of us are facing some radically new challenges:
– Living closely in a small apartment with our children, partner or family
– Anxiety, fear, depression and uncertainty
– Pressure: Losing our job, business or our daily activities and daily routine.
– New tastes of loneliness
– etc. etc. etc.
During this workshop we will focus on subjects such as these.

Oriane Boyer

Topic: Intro to Empathy

The Art of Listening, Introduction To the Art and Craft of Empathy

It's not always easy to listen deeply. It's not an art I learned as a kid unfortunately and especially not something I received. I can't recall an adult asking me "hey Oriane how are you really?" and deeply listening. In this session we'll dive into practicing the art and craft of this presence. We'll also see how even a diffucult message (receiving a judgment, a blame) can countain a beautiful message when I do have "the right ears on" and can see through the words.

Shigeko Suzuki and Ken Anno

What's your intention? The purpose that will guide your conversation amidst pain and chaos

Have you ever had a conversation where you were speaking in perfect Observation, Feelings, Needs, and Requests, and lead you further and further from connection? We’ve had such an experience so many times, and had wondered what made the difference between connecting and disconnecting conversations. One day, we realized the importance of the intention underlying our communication. In this session we will explore the purpose and intention of NVC as something that we want to come back to, every now and then to see if our heart resonates with it. There will be lecture, group discussion and a body oriented practice to connect with our intention. This session will also include guidence to stay connected with our body when using digital device, during this time, where most of our connection is online.

Ranjitha Jeurkar

Connecting with our fears

In the current pandemic situation, many of us may be experiencing fear - for ourselves, our loved ones, or for the world.

In this session we will explore connecting with our fear using the framework of Nonviolent Communication.

Liv Larson

Topic: Shame

Shame as a Tool for Development

Shame is uncomfortable. Shame makes us freeze or do crazy things to avoid its impact on us. Shame makes us limit ourselves and our possibilities. No wonder shame has gotten such a bad reputation. In this session you will get a glimpse of how you, if you can process shame, rather than avoiding it, can use it to develop self-care, compassion and courage. You will learn how to reclaim choice and reconnect with the natural source of shame.

Samuel Odhiambo

Transforming Enemy Images; Liberating yourself from thoughts of Hatred and Vengeance

An enemy image is a picture I paint in my mind about a certain person/people or an animal. It signals a threat to me/my family or community. There is a need behind such a choice, as Marshall would say. All that we do, is an attempt to fulfill a need. It could be maybe a strategy to ensure my/our safety.
I am not in agreement with this strategy though, as I see it gives room for only one option which is: the strong survives or wins and another loses. I would love more to see a mutual connection and understanding of the fears of both parties and a win-win situation in which both are heard. This is a scary invitation to join me as we explore seeing the humanity in a "killer" "dictator" "drag baron" or even "rapist". I do not agree nor support the actions the people we might call such names do. I am more curious to find needs behind such actions.

Sandra Caselato & Yuri Haasz

“From Stress-response to Resilience: Transforming Inner Polarities”
A practice based on NVC and Deep Democracy

When we experience reality as either/or thinking, it’s not uncommon that an internal polarity will emerge, sometimes conscious and clear, others unconscious and taking shape of tension, anxiety, stuckness, where even our best strategies cannot hold everything we cherish, and we might get caught in a loop, as a fly hitting a glass window trying to fly through. In our session we will explore a practice that combines NVC self-empathy and Deep Democracy debate practice to make room for all that is important, all inner voices, and create some movement and possibility.

Robert Gonzales

“Teaching NVC” - What Does it Mean to Share this Consciousness?

Teaching NVC/sharing NVC, formally and informally.
What does it mean to teach/share NVC? What is it to live NVC?
We will explore integrating the consciousness that supports sharing NVC with the principles, map, and conceptual framework of the process. A premise of this session is there is no sharing and teaching NVC without living it.

Shari Elle

Sexy NVC - Making Attractive Requests (plus Marshall’s "Mystery" Step)

We know that NVC is meant to “Make Life more Wonderful”. So why is it that often when we share ourselves using NVC, the other person wants to run rather than come toward us???

“Energy Trumps Words Every Time” ~ Jeff Brown.
We think we are communicating in words, but actually we are communicating in Energy. When what we are saying is incongruent with what is going on in our inner world, the other person can sense it, and this incongruence of message creates distrust.

In this session, we will experience what gets in the way of the connection we would enjoy when using NVC, and how to make attractive requests. We will discover the 2 components of needs which must be in place in order to communicate from a congruence which supports connection. And I will share with you the Magical Missing NVC Step, which Marshall included in his early work, then removed from the model (even though he kept using it when he worked with people). It makes using NVC so much easier.
This session will deepen your understanding and ease of NVC.

David Weinstock

Topic: Embodying NVC

Personal Practices for Embodying Nonviolent Communication

At the heart of this course are simple yet deep practices for listening empathically through tough conversations, finding common ground, and speaking your truth with power and compassion. This work is deeply moving as it gently attunes us to the signals of our bodies and a present, direct, immediate experience of the life we are living. This is where we come face to face with the history we carry, our deeper selves, our greatest gifts, and the motivation to heal past trauma in order to develop new, more skillful, inclusive responses to life's challenges. NVC as a whole-body/mind, lifelong art and discipline develops skills that are valuable for anyone who wants to deepen the quality of their relationships, cultivate respect for the sacred, create supportive communities, and make changes, whether personal, social, political or environmental. Such learning is accelerated when we do it together!

Liv Larson

Topic: Mediation

A Helping Hand-Mediation with NVC

To step into the role of the mediator challenges all the NVC skills you have picked up. Serving others, being a third party in a conflict, will push you to really grow in your own communication. The mediator's job is similar to being the traffic police: asking someone to stop and someone else to talk, asking someone to go another way or rephrase themselves, pointing at when it is time to go for connection and when it is time to go for agreements. You will need an empathic heart, but also ability to access authentic and sometimes challenging honesty, courage to stop people but also clarity on different key differentiations and how to track what is going on.

Camila Reyes

In Spanish (español)

The Power of Connection (El poder de la conexión)

(Session in Spanish with English translation) In times of great planetary change and challenge, more than ever we need skills to connect to each other and unify our wisdom in service of life. Connection is a potent key to recover our power in the present. In this introductory session of NVC, we will explore different ways to connect, helping us to strengthen our relationships and our capacity to prioritize that which unites us.

Tema: El poder de la conexión

En tiempos de grandes cambios y retos planetarios, más que nunca necesitamos habilidades para conectarnos y unir nuestra sabiduría al servicio de la vida. La conexión es una poderosa llave para recuperar nuestro poder en el presente.

En esta sesión introductoria a la CNV exploraremos diferentes formas de conectarnos que nos ayuden a fortalecer nuestras relaciones, y nuestra capacidad de priorizar lo que nos une.

Mukti Jarvis

Emotional intimacy and love in relationship

NVC is a way of reframing what is going on within each other and seeking to connect with our hearts in intimate relationships. If you have trouble bringing the consciousness of NVC to your most precious relationships, then you are so not alone!

We’ll look experientially at:

How are those emotionally charged times more than meets the eye?
What invisibly influences and blocks love?
NVC nuances that will enable you to find more emotional intimacy together.
How emotional and sexual intimacy are related?
And have open Q and A.

Yoram Mosenzon

"Dialogue - feeling confidence while walking in the unknown"

From Ghandi I got that if you come into a dialogue with any preconceptions (such as: who is the other person (judgments), or being oriented toward specific results)- then it is simply not a 'Dialogue’. ‘Dialogue' is a space that will bring something that was never here before. Dialogue asks openness, and walking together in the unknown, for a while.
In this session we will look into principles such as:
- The body knows so much that the brain doesn’t know
- Navigating through waves of dialogue
- Addressing the first gate
- Radical Honesty/Radical Empathy
- Dialogue Request- The very glue in dialogue
- And more

Bridget Belgrave

NVC and Prayer

*Session will not be recorded*. Prayer is a special kind of communication, so does NVC educate us to pray well? Is simply practising NVC already a prayer? What is most potent – prayer based on feelings, on needs, or on requests? How can we hold the suffering of others in our prayers even when our own needs are well met?
We will address these topics and more. Bridget will share ideas, there will be small group conversations, inner exploration, and both guided and silent prayer time. We will attune to the current world situation and bring that into a group prayer.
This workshop is open to all: people who pray and those who don’t, and people of any religion or none. Understanding of the basics of NVC will be helpful. Bring blank paper and a pen or pencil, and coloured crayons if possible.

Roberta Wall

NVC and Healing Collective Trauma

Many of us in the NVC world feel frustrated because we want NVC to contribute more directly to transformation of individual and collective suffering, on a vast systemic scale.
How do we live and practice this in the midst of activated collective trauma?

Personal and collective trauma is what drives war, hatred and violence. If we don’t pay attention to it, learn to understand, and ultimately heal it, the cycle of violence will continue. Trauma is a disorder of not being able to be in the here and now. We can’t learn NVC or other new ways of relating to our own pain and to each other’s pain if we don’t have the capacity to be present with our observations, thoughts, feelings and needs.
In this session, through group sharing and practices, we will explore how we can address collective trauma in our daily NVC practice, as we build NVC community and in influencing societal transformation.

Sabine Geiger

Topic: Enemy Image

Embracing my Enemy (Limited to 200 participants)

Who is your enemy, do you have one? Or did you, ever? What does your enemy
want you to know? Could your enemy be the teacher? And can you imagine
standing in your enemy’s shoes? These are questions we will explore together, using
different learning modalities - worksheets, dyads and the wisdom of our bodies.

Arnina Kashtan

(Spanish+English) Miedo, ira, culpa y vergüenza: ¿cómo podemos vivir con sus dones sin el sufrimiento?

- ¿Cuál es la intención profunda de cada una de estas emociones fuertes?
- ¿Cuál es la confusión multigeneracional sobre ellos?
- ¿Cuál es la asombrosa liberación cuando vivimos las necesidades brillantes detrás de ellos?
- Las 4 preguntas del despertar de La Brújula y su poder curativo transformador

Fear, Anger, Guilt & Shame - How can we live with their Gifts without the Suffering
What is the deep intention of each of these strong emotions?
What is the multi-generational confusion?
What is the astonishing Liberation when we Live the shining Needs behind them?